Our goal is very simple: To provide great quality acupuncture needles at an affordable price. That’s it.  

We do this by selling a single, high quality brand needle and providing the best customer service possible.

We focus on one thing only: making sure you don’t pay an arm and a leg for high quality acupuncture needles.

About EACU™ Brand needles:

1. Stainless steel wire spring handle, with no loops for easier handling.
2. Boxes are clearly marked with gauge and length for easy identification.
3. German stainless steel wire for medical and scientific digital design, tip shape, highest quality manufacturing processes, automated repeated polishing and testing. These are good needles.
4. Due to the high quality processing and manufacturing, these needles are among some of the most painless to use, from a patient’s perspective.
5. Affordable to the point of ridiculousness. We compare these needles to others that are up to 5 times the price!
6. CE 0197, FDA (510K), Canada CMDCAS, and Japan PAL certification.
7. As acupuncturists, we use these needles ourselves, and we love them!

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